Marcos Fernandes

On Stage
  • 5/6 The Bayside Swingers at Art Baboo in Yokohama
  • 5/18 The Argonauts at Knuttel House in Tokyo
  • 5/20 TNBT at Shichoushitsu Sono 3 in Yokohama
  • 5/21 w/ Shoomy and others at Knuttel House in Tokyo
  • 5/25 w/ Asahiko Takahara, Ayumi Nomura at Flyimg Teapot in Tokyo
  • 6/2 The Bayside Swingers at Golden Cup in Yokohama
  • 6/9 w/ Nanako Ueda, Kio Griffith at Tomyoji, Sankeien in Yokohama
  • 6/10 w/ Jojun Hasegawa and others at Dolphy in Yokohama
  • 6/23 The Bayside Swimgers at Shichoushitsu Sono 3 in Yokohama
  • 6/29 Argonoise at Bar Isshee in Tokyo
  • 6/30 Melt at Zart in Yokohama
In the Studio

The Argonauts are working on a new single to be released this summer. Marcos and Argonoise (with DB, Risa Takeda) contributed some sounds to The League of Assholes' IM PEACH The Sequel produced by Marcelo Radulovich and available for a free download from Bandcamp. He appeared on Hiroki Misawa's Discovery - Yume No Yokohama as a member of Wabi Sabi Club. The Argonauts' 3-song EP entitled Proxima b, a follow-up to 2016's Here Come The Argonauts!, was recently released from Accretions. Departing from the debut full length's song-oriented format, Proxima b finds the band venturing further out into the cosmic edges of prog and space rock.

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